Friday, September 17, 2010

only 98 days to go.....

I know I am not ready.....wonder if anyone else is?

So many things have been happening since I last updated......some sad....others happy....but certainly all was 'just life'.

Our Jase has learned to crawl....and cut a couple of he is now keeping Mom and Dad on their toes! and he seems to have gotten interested with the computer as well.....

I have been knitting....some say 24 hours a day but I know that I do take breaks. Seems 'test knitting' has really caught my attention. Not sure if it is the chance to do something new before it is "out there" or just a new experience....either way some wonderful patterns have passed through my yarn.


One Skein Tri


Ruffled Shrug

Different Directions

Everyone a winner!

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