Wednesday, June 30, 2010

being a GramMa can be fun....

Things have been a bit down for us the last few weeks.....the Twins have gone to live with their Father and his Wife. We will miss them. I am so thankful for the things they taught my children while we were blessed with their care. We are all better because of them.
August 8,2009

June 17, 2010

But.....since the Twins arrivived the Sea Bee and Angela had their hands full they missed the fun of fixing up a nursery for Jasen's arrival. Well.....this had to be fixed!! So the last few days while Jase took his Parents on his first vacation....I moved in and worked a little love.

Richard and I went over and between the two of us we arranged the things that the kids had gathered and had a ball....
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Anonymous said...

Alice, that room is adorable. You two did a great job!


Anonymous said...

Super cute! You really did a wonderful job!

Knitrageous said...

Love it Alice! Jase and mom and dad will too!

TKD mom to Five said...

Well I knew you all have you hands full, and you all will missed that. But a big blessing is with you all to care for!! I love the room Alice!