Saturday, January 31, 2009

First Month of the New Year

Already the New Year has begun and a whole month has passed. I have always heard that the older you get the phrase "time flies" happens to prove to be true.

This year knitting has started........and a few things have been finished. My Sea Bee noticed my knitting and when he saw what it was requested that it live at his house.

I am pretty sure my DIL wasn't as happy........but then she might just be jealous and maybe I need to knit another but this time in pinks?? He has actually worn the Dead Fish out in just makes us so proud.....

I knitted the hat from I Love This Yarn in a green stripe colorway...the pattern was from

I have done a couple of Name Cloths for Marilyn
...they are always fun to recieve......when test knitting you just follow the pattern as written and see what becomes of it......usually any mistakes with just POP out and after contacting the designer you are back in business again knitting right along. I like doing the names as they always work......just like magic! The latest were......

Several other projects are started and I will share as they come off the needles....
Meantime I have gone through the beginning of the year cleaning in my working space and have big plans for projects for 2009!!! Have one small problem that is being worked on eyelet on my KIP bags seems to be pulling out on most if not all the lastest bags I have made. So 're-thinking' has started ...........If you happen to have one of my bags that this is happening to.......please contact me and I will replace it with another.