Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Go on with your knittin'

Go On With Your Knittin'
(Unknown Irish Poet)

When the folks next to you act like those in the zoo
A grumblin', growlin' and spittin'
It's a pretty good plan
To be as calm as you can
And do something useful?
like knittin'.

When a gossipin' Susan with poison barbed tongue
Comes into the room where you're sittin'
And starts to defame
Some neighbor's good name
Count your stitches out loud and keep knittin'.

When there's been a slight misunderstandin' at the church
And others hint broadly of quittin'
Why the very best thing
You can do is to sing
And stay at your post and keep knittin'.

When Satan moves in with his cohorts of sin
Say, "You'll never find me submitin'.
You irk me I find
So get thee behind
And please don't disturb me?

In the middle of problems, the big and the smal
lIt's always proper and fittin'
To trust and to pray
Til the Lord shows the way
An' go right on ahead with your knittin'.

running a little behind

I have been working on stitch markers and bags.......but found time to knit just a little.

Finished up the Lavish Lace Bookmark.........

worked up in a Senso wool blend ....not the easiest of yarns to work with on tiny needles.

Also made up a Farmer's Market this one I really enjoyed.....used Red Heart Cotton ......the pattern worked up fast too!