Friday, July 17, 2009

Where does the time go???

Seems I am always running behind in something......mainly because something else catches my attention.....or I just want to sit and knit instead.

Knitting has been the main focus lately. With new babies joining our family ...great nephews....grandbaby.....great-grandbaby.....there is always some little something that just screams KNIT ME!!!

At the moment I have a baby blanket on the needles. Have knitted a couple of bibs....the patterns really needed trying...honest!

And have yarn and pattern together to begin sweater making......well.....I did squeeze in a quick one that is still lacking a button.

So you see there are just too many things to do!!

For my knitting group (LSSK) I knitted a doll that was named Vanna Purl. She started out just an idea

but has become a personality now!
Thing is .......she needs to move on........start her adventures of traveling around the State visiting members of our group. While she sits here beside my knitting chair....little things keep popping into my mind. So far she had to have panties.......well.........she is a young lady!! That called for a dress........that called for shoes......

Now.........what is she gonna sleep in??? that called for a gown......and those poor toes might be cold so that called for slippers.....and not just any slippers........Bunny Slippers!!

Do you see where I am thinking it is time for her travels to begin now?? So with an announcement to the group I plan on waving 'bye for now' to Vanna in a few days. Who knows what other things might wind up in her suitcase if she doesn't leave soon.........
Meantime there are baby things to knit..........and a little design that has been knocking around in my head for the LSSK Dog Days of Summer Design Contest.'s too hot to do much else but sit and knit......


7 D's said...

She is so pretty, I think my girls will like to keep her once she visit this part of TX.

One day I will have all the time you have to Knit, right!!!?

~the eight of us~ said...

i love the doll and all the clothes!!!

knitting is intimidating to me, just learned to crochet. and am working on a set of dish rags, think i am on the fifth one. not really sure i am crocheting right but it is all staying together so ... it is all good :o)

the bibs also are really cute and the jacket is adorable.
you are so talented but i have always thought so!!!

ps can't wait to show you what i have done with some of the material you sent and plans for some of the rest

Jenn=) said...

the doll is too cute! I keep meaning to start being crafty ... isnt hasnt hit me yet.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I love the baby clothes. I agree with Kris, knitting is intimidating to me too. I like to cross stitch. I need very definite instructions. haha
Great job!