Saturday, February 2, 2013

Someone turned 3

Yesterday was a hallmark day for our Jasen Paul
He began the wonderful age of 3
We were invited over for Birthday Hot Dogs and Cupcakes
Then the fun began.

next was presents....
..then we moved outside for a little Dirt Dancing..
Just the day before Jase and Lilly had been to our house for an afternoon.  When they were leaving Jase went over to PopPa D and says "I really wish I had leaves at my house to play with too".
Now I ask you.....what was PopPa D to do?
Next thing I heard was "I am going to go bag him some leaves"....then after a bit I heard..."One isn't enough" two bags were delivered for Birthday fun!
....this wore out PopPa D... what else is a GramMa to do?
...why take his place of course...
You might have noticed that it was getting dark in the we finally had to say it was time to go.......besides I had leaves in places that I am not really sure how they got there.
Happy Birthday Jasen Paul!
We had so much fun celebrating with you

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anythingbutsnow said...

This is so adorable Alice! Glad you had fun and I can't believe that littel cutie pie is 3 already!