Sunday, February 21, 2010

my Cousin

Everyone has love them all .....but there is always that 'special' cousin that will always have that certain spot in your heart. My Cousin was Denny.

When growing up it just wasn't summer until Uncle Bob, Aunt Bea, Janice and Denny made the trip to Texas. Every year they would load up in their station wagon and come to see Uncle Paul and Aunt Lillie......there were times that my brother and I felt we were just lucky that we lived there as well.....

When Denny came we put a chair and a TV tray or cardtable on the front porch so he could sit and watch the 18 wheelers drive by....he didn't care if we wanted to play or run or do other things....he loved sitting there watching the trucks.....he would count them, draw them, and wave at them ....hoping that one would notice him and honk. When it would start getting dark Daddy would start rounding us all up to get ready for bed and he always took the time for Denny to tell of all the things he had seen that day.

I know life wasn't easy for Denny growing up. He was in many schools .......some were for learning life skills......some for learning working skills.....some were away from home ......but nothing changed him.....he was always Denny.

In his adult life Uncle Bob and Aunt Bea helped find a home near them and Janice and her husband Isi......he was able to live there with help ......he had care givers that worked shifts living with him helping when he needed help doing things.

He held a job......I can't remember where he last worked .....but I do remember him working at a cleaner/laundry......he was in charge of turning pockets! To some this probably doesn't sound all that great of a job.....but here you got to keep the spare change, screws, nails, nuts and bolts or anyother small item found in the pockets. Larger things like knives, watches or folding money were held for a certain number of days and if not claimed then he could keep them as well. Somehow the money found was never that important to Denny....but those screws....nuts and bolts....and that was something else.....these he saved and shared with his Dad.

He owned a car and loved going places.

He loved sports and was on a Bowling League. Going to watch Bowling was always an adventure. The team really didn't care what the scores were.......they just loved being there. Everyone got cheered for strikes......spares......pins hit and even sometimes pins missed. I can't remember ever leaving after watching a game or two and not being happy....the smile would stay on your face until you went to bed.

Denny always acted shy........but if you were ever in need of a hug....or just looked sad ......he would be the first to come up and pat you on the back and say "Everything will be alright"......and give you the hug you needed.

Denny was MY Cousin........and I am gonna miss him.......

Dennis Eugene Pierce
December 13, 1953
February 15, 2010