Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finishing Up

I have had the itch to Cast On something all day.......So instead I took a few pictures of some little things I finished up last night.

This is Bubbles....he is a little dishcloth from a pattern found here on the net

Only thing I did different was to add a button for the eye. My DIL came up with this idea....said when she was washing dishes the button saved her nails when 'scratching off that little stubborn spot'........and Bubbles did need an eye.

Next I finished up a washable Swifter Pad ....designed by a knitting friend Birdy of "Birdy Knits"

Birdy has designed some beautiful scarves and other lacey things......well worth the time of checking out her site.

And finally here is my newest Knitting Buddy.....Alan Dart's version of Shaun the Sheep. He currently resides on the little vase that holds my 'needed' knitting accessories.... isn't he cute?Shaun just makes me smile......

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